Welcome to “The Real Life Buyer” Podcast

In this podcast, my interviewees and I will impart experience and knowledge that you may consider using in order to: “Save Money and Buy Smart”

If you would like to learn about purchasing a wide selection of Products and Services for either yourself, or your business, then listen in and join the community.

I will be producing solo episodes featuring tips and techniques on such topics as how to:

  • research and select your suppliers and contractors
  • prepare for and manage supplier meetings
  • measure and improve your supplier performance
  • negotiate prices and terms for the home and business

Alongside solo episodes there will be interviews:

  • I will be conducting interviews with Company Directors, Owners and Experts from small to large scale manufacturing through to service industries. These industries include building, roofing, water safety and management, human resources and surveying, just to name a few.
  • In addition, I will also be interviewing other Purchasing Professionals to bring you specialist knowledge and expertise in their areas of core competence directly to you.

The Podcasts

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Introducing your host,
Purchasing Manager, Dave Barr.