The Real Life Buyer Podcast

Interviews from the Business Smorgasbord

In this podcast I discuss business, management and self development with experts in their field, to help you build your knowledge and know how.

Why listen…

If you are looking to upgrade yourself, fast track your career and skyrocket your business, then the podcast is for you.

If you are seeking the latest thinking on:

Self development

Business preparedness

Purchasing know how

Higher emotional intelligence

Team development

Problem resolution

Strategic thinking

Espionage protection

Marketing and sales

Greater profit and growth

Skill development

Thought leadership

these subjects and many more are covered in this weekly podcast.

Fabulous guests from all around the globe discuss and share their knowledge on a broad range of business disciplines, challenges and behaviours to help you gain rapid performance benefits, answers and solutions.

Previous and future guests have and will continue to discuss, explore and share their thinking on business subjects, including:

  • Growing your leadership confidence and competence.
  • Identifying and actively engaging in consistent high performance habits.
  • Understanding and upgrading your personal and business, branding and marketing.
  • Networking in new and innovative and effective ways.
  • Discovering how to price your products and services to improve your margins and profit.
  • Successfully use social media and other marketing channels to reach and grow your audience and customers.
  • Improve your business and public speaking skills.
  • Focus your mindset for success.
  • Learn ways to deal with and manage the stresses and strains of business.
  • Appreciate and develop your emotional intelligence.
  • Develop your purchasing, supply chain and logistics knowledge, strategies and techniques.
  • Prepare for tough, people, business and management challenges and decisions.

I’m David Barr, The Real Life Buyer

I have been a Purchasing Professional for over 20 years working in a broad range of company’s at the board room level.

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The Interviewed

Here is some background information on the knowledgeable professionals I interview on these podcasts.