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Guest Courses


Welcome to the Guest Courses Page. I strongly advocate the principles of continuous learning and therefore when I find content of value I share this opportunity with my audience and followers so they may consider if it is of interest to them. 

I have enjoyed the fortune of listening to and interviewing a range of fantastic guest speakers who have shared but a small proportion of their knowledge with my audience. Some of these guests offer high value courses that my listeners may wish to investigate. I share below some of these offerings as these guests share with me. Please note I will regularly update these resources, so make sure you monitor for changes.

Ken Attard

Guest speaker: Ken Attard: Podcast number 35

Course offered: The Inside Lane

One of the people I highly respect when it comes to mindset consultancy is Ken Attard. Ken has a brand-new program that shatters the conventional way of teaching Mindset. His program is to help entrepreneurs be at their peak performance whilst still having time freedom! 

Would you even Try to resist this?

Ken’s program is called The Inside Lane™ and I just had to tell you about it.
At present there is a special offer limited to 5 spaces only.
Once these 5 spaces are filled, the price will change.
Ken delivers The Inside Lane™ program with the personal service and consideration he considers his client family members deserve.

Here is my Affiliate link. Take a look and discover if this is the program for you!

Candice and Lauren Henry

Guest Speakers: Candice and Lauren Henry : Podcast number 30

These extremely knowledgeable ladies, who are top rated university professors of leadership, are the founders of Aretios. We had an absolute blast discussing how to design and achieve the result you’re looking for through goals. They have an incredible selection of extremely valuable courses, all of which may be accessed directly through this link:

Courses offered:

Aretios Dream Life Masterclass

The Aretios Masterclass

The Best Life Blueprint Workshop

Building an Unshakeable Success Mindset
Aretios guy looking across forest

The Goal Guide
Aretios Stress less and Achieve more

How to Stress Less and Achieve More

The Language of Leaders
Laura Cortes

Guest speaker: Laura Cortes (China Business Procurement Expert): Podcast number 42

Course offered: Source from China like a Pro!

If you are looking to source from China and you are either new to this, a touch rusty, or would appreciate another experts perspective, then it makes absolute sense to take a great value course with Laura. 

In this course, you will learn: How to use Sourcing Platforms, do a Supplier Analysis, Supplier Selection, what mistakes to avoid when sourcing and to understand the Chinese Industry. All of this will allow you to have effective negotiations and develop your business as you want it.

  • Learn 3 skills with sourcing products from China
  • Key requirements for supplier selection
  • Recognize 5 common sourcing mistakes
  • Identify 3 key points of the Chinese industry
  • 12 units available ( Up to 3 hours of training)
  • Workbooks & Templates
  • Private Facebook Group

Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Purchase Managers
  • Sourcing Agencies

Get an extra 5% discount by using the code 4J9G8G4Y

Gordon Firemark

Guest Speaker : Gordon Firemark : Podcast number 8

If you are an aspiring podcaster, or have launched a podcast already, it makes sense to understand your legal obligations, risks and liabilities. What better way to put your mind at ease than to sign up with Gordon P. Firemark, aka The Podcast Lawyer™, who is a fellow podcaster and fully understands the legalities at work in the media industry?

To discover more about Gordon Firemark click this link

I found Gordon a wonderful and supportive guest and extremely easy to talk to. Please find links to his website and courses below.

Easy Legal for Podcasters
Easy legal for digital entrepreneurs
Get Legit Go Pro

Guest speaker: Fredrik Axelsson: Podcast number 46

Course one offered: Sourcing basics – get started as Tactical buyer

A bundle of courses providing the basic tactical procurement knowledge needed to deliver as a Tactical buyer. Learn standard sourcing process, supplier development, supplier audit and more.

Course two offered: International Sales Law for Procurement Professionals by Jon Kihlman

The role of law in international business transactions: The need to make a breach of contract possible, choice of law, passing of risk and buyer’s remedies are examples of what you will learn.

Aurora Dawn Benton

Guest speaker: Aurora Dawn Benton: Podcast number 53

Sustainable Procurement Course by Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton

This course is perfect for any one in any type or size of organization who want to learn more about how to improve environmental and social performance in daily operations. No expertise or experience in sustainability is required. It is ideal for general managers, small business owners, corporate procurement staff, sales teams, and anyone who want to better to understand sustainability and take practical steps in the right direction.

Click the link to learn more and enroll.