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The fresh, new Community created by and for Purchasing and Supply Chain Professionals

At a time when purchasing and supply chains have never been more challenging, being able to meet the needs of your business in a responsive manner is extremely tough, in both a local and global context.

  • Sometimes you can feel alone and confused, struggling to find the best solution. Aren’t you the professional expected to anticipate and know all the answers? 
  • Perhaps you are looking for new opportunities to evolve your strategy and supply chain to deliver results way in to the future?
  • Where better to hang out than with a group of great people who live and breathe your world?

What is this Facebook Group?

A private, global and supportive community that providing a safe place to share knowledge and experience in order that you and fellow experts may thrive and succeed in their career and businesses.

Who is this new Group for?

Positive, active and energised Purchasing and Supply Chain professionals, Business Owners and Directors with responsibility to deliver business success and great value.


  • Purchasing
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Business
  • Personal Growth

Why join this Group?

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What I see are similar groups full of adverts, sellers, spam and little else. Haven’t you joined a number of groups to add to your depth and breadth of knowledge, but been left disappointed with poor quality content?

You are an extremely busy professional who cannot afford to waste time with a group that adds little or no value. 

You want to be part of a family of professionals that support one another by sharing their knowledge and experience, A place where problems can be discussed and resolved with other intellectuals and practitioners. 

Problems that you face

  • You are not, and cannot be, an expert in everything but others’ expectations are high.
  • You would benefit for alternative ideas and assurance from other professionals.
  • You want to be able to ask questions in a safe space.

Solutions this Group offers

  • Engage with a group of likeminded professionals.
  • Shared problems with other experts often result in proven answers or new avenues to explore.
  • A great opportunity to network and collaborate.

Time for Action

  • Come and participate in this new Facebook Group and support each other to develop and succeed!
  • It’s free, so what do you have to lose?
  • Become a part of a Professional Business Community that supports and delivers.
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