Why Listen

For the professional, or the person at home, read on to see why you should listen…

My solo podcasts and interviews will help you supplement your knowledge and thinking on aspects and topics you may not have needed to consider before.

I create solo podcasts on specific subjects and explain how I go about these activities my way. I hope that I may introduce new things to consider or at least offer a different view point.

A number of my podcasts will be interviews with knowledgeable experts in their sector. From Builders to Manufacturers, from HR Consultants to Structural Engineers. The aim of these interviews is to communicate in simple terms how to go about buying familiar products and services. What to ask, what to expect, when to ask, what to look for and how to prepare and close

We all have daily challenges presented to us. We are entering into negotiations every day, even if we do not feel like we are, but there is little support out there to help those people, who perhaps:

  • are confused with how to find reputable suppliers
  • struggle to understand the product or service needed
  • find it difficult to articulate their requirements
  • are uncomfortable engaging with and selecting suppliers
  • do not like negotiating purchasing terms and price
  • achieving a successful closure or on-going positive relationship with the supplier

These podcasts are here to help, offer some ideas and hopefully help you to go about your daily life whilst saving money, time and resources and be successful in the process.